Light Pro

Category :
Spray - Drip Nutrients
Element :
Sulfur (40%), Calcium
Dose :
1 litter / Acre, 30 ml / Pump
Usage :
Apply as as pray, by drip or or by Fluid irrigation with water
Available In :
500 ml (bottle)
1 litter (bottle)
5 litters (Cans)
15 litters (Coke cans)


Advantages of using Light Pro…

  • Light Pro is high-density liquid sulfur-containing calcium.
  • Cuts the salts in the soil and water and makes the soil rich and soft.
  • Conducts excess moisture that accumulates near the roots of plants.
  • Effective control of soil-borne fungi.
  • High-Density Light Pro adds starch, sugars, oils, and vitamins to plants by converting the unavailable elements in the soil into available form.
  • Provides calcium and sulfur required for the crop.

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