G-Vin Drip Kit

Category :
Spray - Drip Nutrients
Element :
Potasham – 5 Kg, GVMag – 10 Kg, Challenge Plus – 250 gram, Challenge Pro – 250 gram, Vision – 250 gram, Carbon 95 – 250 gram.
Dose :
1 Kit /Acre
Usage :
Apply as a drip to any crop
Available In :
16 Kg. (Corrugated box)


Advantages of using Drip Kit…

  1. Drip Kit contains essential and important secondary and micronutrients, which are readily available for the crop.
  2. Improves all kinds of defects arising due to deficiency of secondary and microelements. 
  3. Increases crop quality and yield by giving healthy growth to the crop. 
  4. The carbon-95 in the drip kit is the main source of organic matter in the soil, It Helps the beneficial bacteria to grow faster in a favorable environment.

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