Jivant Myco

Category :
Bio Fertilizers
Element :
Acto and Endo Mycorrhiza (60 spores / 1200 IP / gm.)
Dose :
100 gm. / acre
Usage :
Apply by drip, by drenching or mixed with compost / organic compost / shell / sand near the root area in standing crop
Available In :
100 gm. (Bin)


Advantages of using Jivant Myco…

  • Develops main roots and fibrous roots.
  • Increases the ability of plants to withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • Increases the absorption capacity and motility of nutrients taken by plants.
  • Increases soil moisture storage capacity to provide adequate moisture to the plant in adverse conditions.
  • Gives more yield and higher quality product.
  • Mycorrhiza helps in absorbing phosphorus and essential micronutrients by keeping its symbiosis associated with the roots of the plant.

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