Black Bold

Category :
Bio Fertilizers
Element :
Endo and Acto Mycorrhiza (60 spores/1200 IP/gm.), Humic, Fulvik, Amino acids, Sea-weed, Protein
Dose :
6 to 12 kg/Acre
Usage :
Apply as Base or Supplementary fertilizer in any Crop
Available In :
2.5 kg (Jar)
5 kg (Pouch)
6 kg and 12 kg (Bucket)


Brand: G-vin BLACK BOLD

Method of Application : Broad Casting

  • BLACK BOLD Develops the Main and the Fibrous Roots.
  • BLACK BOLD Balances the pH of Soil.
  • BLACK BOLD Improves Yield & Quality of Crops.

Sugarcane , Paddy, Banana, Cotton,

Groundnut, Tobacco, Vegetables, Fruits etc…

Advantages of using Black Bold…

Mycorrhiza develops the main roots and fibrous roots of the plant.

Maximum increase in the number of new branches, flowers and fruits of the plant.

Helps plants to survive in water scarcity and unfavourable atmosphere.

Replenishes the carbon in the soil by controlling the pH score.

Mycorrhiza helps in absorbing phosphorus and essential micronutrients by keeping its symbiosis associated with the roots of the plant.

Mycorrhiza promotes crop growth by producing various hormones and acids during its physiological process.

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