Immunity +

Category :
Spray Nutrients - PGR
Element :
Amino acids, Atonic, Natka, Auxin, 6BA, proteins and vitamins
Dose :
5 ml / pump
Usage :
Apply as Spray in any crop
Available In :
20 ml (Bottle)


Advantages of using Immunity +…

  • Immunity + is a Nanotechnological product that easily meets the needs of plants such as various hormones, proteins, vitamins and acids.
  • The nutrients in Immunity + are absorbed very easily by the leaves as they are in the form of microscopic particles, so that excellent results are obtained.
  • Safe for crops and the environment than traditionally sprayed elements.
  • Increases the yield and quality of all types of fruit, flowers, in the crop.
  • Increases the process of photosynthesis and maintains the texture and greenness of the crop for a long time.

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