Category :
Spray Nutrients - PGR
Element :
Azetobacter (1X10^8/ ml), PSB (1X10^8/ ml), KMB (1X10^8 / ml), Amino Acid, Fulvik Acid, Humic Acid, Sea-weed extract and Various Hormones.
Dose :
25 ml / pump, 500 ml / acre (Drip or diluting with water)
Usage :
Mix with any medicine and apply to any crop by spray, drip or by Fluid irrigation with water
Available In :
25 ml (pouch)
250 ml (bottle)
500 ml and 1 letter. (bottle)


Advantages of using Growth…

  • Maximizes the number of new branches, fruits and flowers on the plant.
  • Due to adverse weather conditions or inadequate nutrition, the plant's immunity is enhanced by preventing wasps, fruit, snails or leaves from falling off the plant.
  • Enhances the process of photosynthesis, speeds up the feeding process of plants and promotes the overall growth of plants.
  • Using this by irrigation makes the unavailable form of NPK elements in the soil available.

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