Category :
Spray - Drip Nutrients
Element :
Humic Acid (12%), PSB(1x10^8 /ml).
Dose :
1 litter / acre, 30 ml / pump
Usage :
Apply as a spray, by drip or by diluting with water
Available In :
500 ml
1 litter (bottle)
5 litter (can)
15 Litter (Coke Can)


Advantages of using Humiflow…

  • Maintains the balance of weak / heavy soil-water structure and develops the root zone of the plant.
  • Adequate carbon in the soil enhances plant biological processes and makes the soil more fertile.
  • Plants can easily use the nutrients contained or supplied in the soil as food.
  • Sustains plants in hostile environments.
  • The PSB in the humiflow makes the unavailable phosphorus in the soil available for crop and regulates the pH score.

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