Ferrosulf Extra

Category :
Spray Nutrients - PGR
Element :
Ferrous (19%), Sulphur (12%), Citric acid (100 gm.)
Dose :
100 gm. + 10 gm. /Pump for Peanut
Usage :
Make and spray a dose of 1 kg + 100 gm. as per the requirement.
Available In :
1.100 kg (Pouch)


Advantages of using Ferrosulf Extra…

  • It makes the completion of iron and citric acid in the crop.
  • Maintains the greenness of the leaves by increasing the green particles of the leaves in the plant, especially in groundnut crops removing the yellowness found due to the deficiency of ferrous, Oilseeds combine oil in the crops.
  • Increase the action photosynthesis and increase the food uptake power of plants.
  • It is necessary to use 'Ferrosulf' in food crops to eliminate iron deficiency in the human diet.

(Note: For spraying in crops other than groundnut, use as recommended by the company officer.)

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