Jivant Beauveria

Category :
Bio Pesticides
Element :
Beauveria Bassiana 1.15% W.P. (CFU: 1 x 10^8 / gm.)
Dose :
50 to 60 Grams / Pump,1 to 2 Kg. / Acre
Usage :
Drenching or spraying at the base or supplement of any crop based on the target organism
Available In :
1 Kg (Pouch)


Advantages of using Jivant Beuveria…

  • Beauveria Bassiana is an Entomopathogenic fungus that controls a wide range of insects and caterpillars by acting as parasites.
  • It is a fungus-based biological pesticide that grows on the bodies of all types of caterpillars and insects, penetrates insects, and breaks down its structure to control it.
  • Pathogenic fungi cannot build up their immunity using JIVANT BEUVERIA.
  • Low cost compared to chemical deworming.
  • Mix Chipku 3 ml / pump and sprinkle for better result in sprinkling.

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