Poshan Amrut

Category :
Organic Fertilizers
Element :
Carbon (14%), Nitrogen (0.5%), Phosphorous (0.5%), Potash (0.5%), Secondary and Micronutrients.
Dose :
5 to 10 Bag/Acre
Usage :
Apply in any crop in a way that goes underground in the base or supplementary manure.
Available In :
50 kg (Laminated bag)


Advantages of using Poshan Amrut…

  1. Continuous use of Poshan Amrut makes the soil organic, rich and loose.
  2. Helps to increase soil moisture storage capacity and balance pH.
  3. Provides natural vegetative growth to the plant gives pure, organic yield.
  4. Provides sufficient carbon in the soil to increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizers.

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